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M&N Sourcing is a division of M&N International Group, Inc. We assist U.S.-based manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers with sourcing products in the greater Asia region. Our efforts focus on daily use products, and include outdoor and indoor furniture, and gardening and decor products.

We offer two ways to engage our services as your outsourcing project coordinator:

One: M&N operates as a sourcing company (OEM program)

Under this option, M&N will enter into a formal sourcing contract with your company. M&N will source qualified manufacturers, assemble pricing proposals, obtain initial product samples, and upon approval, supervise the manufacturing process. We also undertake quality control checks on all of the projects we accept. Your company will be responsible for confirming product pricing structure, and approving initial samples. Our service fees for this option will be a fixed percentage of total sales volume.

Two: M&N operates as a trading company (Retail program)

Under this option, M&N will enter into a sale and purchase contract with your company. M&N will be responsible for finding ready-made products in China and will then undertake the process associated with shipping these products to their destination. Our service fees for this option will be a small margin above cost.

Regardless of which method you choose, M&N is capable of handling all necessary forwarding and shipping services in both the United States and China. Our office in the United States will be responsible for evaluating and accepting potential projects, as well as undertaking all relevant forwarding services. Our office in Ningbo, China will be responsible for all product sourcing, manufacturing, quality control and forwarding services in China.

With operations in the United States and China, M&N is capable of offering a full complement of outsourcing and product acquisition services. If you seek to lower your manufacturing costs, while maintaining product quality, we invite you to contact us to explore working with our services.




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