Operation team work:

So as to gather the best resources, M&N does not have an ownership position with any of our manufacturers in China. This allows us to maintain close relationships with these factories but eliminate the process distortions associated with such ownership. Each project we accept will be assigned to one of M&N's China-based operation teams.

Each team is comprised of knowledgeable professionals dedicated to their business. Each team provides the full range of M&N's services, including: Human Resources, Sourcing, Quality Control, Operations Development, and Technological assistance. In this way, M&N's operation teams function as would the staff of a company office, albeit with access to far greater resources.

M&N's operation teams maintain regular contact with our U.S.-based design and sales teams in order to provide the most current and comprehensive information.

Quality Control:

M&N's Quality Control Team is comprised of professionals with experience in the wood products industry. We organize these teams into three functions: Supplier Assessment, Quality Control and Quality Assurance

M&N's Quality Control team continuously inspects and monitors manufacturing operations. This team performs incoming, in-process, and final inspections as to ensure that quality standards are met. M&N's Quality Control team also had the experience to work with third party factory audits and major home improvement stores internal inspection process.

M&N's Quality Assurance team works independently to ensure that suppliers have clear specifications and instructions necessary to meet performance and standards requirements.


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